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Order Haelan 951 and Educate Yourself  with our Free Report:
80 plus pages dealing with integrative procedures and natural products  that work well with Haelan 951 w/ Order of 10 Bottles or more
Also, with each minimum order of 10 bottles, a complimentary copy of Walter Wainright's article "The Management of Estrogens, Estrogen Recptors, Estrogen Metabolism, and Cellular Immunity in the Treatment of Cancers" published in the "Townsend Letter for Doctors" - Aug/Sept 2010
Explains why chemotherapy and radiotherapy (radiation) do not cure most cancers.


Heart Disease
Heart Disease & Haelan 951
(new Sept 2012)

Cancer & Haelan 951
Why do we develop cancer?
(new Oct 2010)

Cancer & Heart Disease
Cancer's Tragic Toll

Benefits of Haelan 951
Phytochemical Connection
Soy - The Phytochemical Powerhouse
Other Important Soy Studies
Soy's Top 5 Heath Benefits
Phytochemical Connection continued
Soy's Unique Protein/Amino Acid Composition
Part 9: Other Healthful Benefits





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All of the websites dealing with Haelan 95l, except the informational websites of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and a few others, are commercial sales sites. There is no cohesive information presented for the treating of cancer naturally aside from the use of Haelan 95l.

I endeavor in this website, acting as a clinical, field biologist who does ongoing, advisory consultations with clients, to encourage potential clients to avail themselves of the healing properties of Haelan 95l but to also learn of other natural substances that work synergistically with Haelan 95l.

These naturals provide the best chance overall to prevent and/defeat cancer. There are in depth discussions on the research findings, studies, and applications of these substances in the report I send to all my clients. They are not well known, not at all to the conventional, allopathic milieu that abhors alternative medicine. Well researched, trials in some cases, in-vitro and in –vivo testing demonstrating individual, intense anticancer activity apart from usage with Haelan 95l.

Welcome to the "HortonHealth.Com" website, an area devoted to the description and availability of the soybean concentrate product, Haelan 951. What follows is a discussion of soybeans and their phytochemical constituents and the product Haelan 951 which contains high concentrations of these constituents to form a natural, super nutritious, liquid product being used as a primary or adjuvant medium in the treatment of a number of degenerative diseases including cancer, arterio/atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, emphysema, PMS/PMT; also for anti-aging, disease prevention, and health maintenance. 

As a clinical biologist with twenty years of efforts within the arena of integrative medicine I have a strong belief that unless one subscribes to the newsetters published by the few integrative doctors/pyhsicians in this country most people with degenerative diseases or conditions will not get better or even improve to any great extent following the approaches of conventional, allopathic medicine. These are accepted by the brainwashed public, rightly or wrongly, but are insurance covered for the most part.

In the report made available to new clients I discuss information that focuses on natural medicines and approaches to mitigate and promote healing when dealing with cancer, cardiovascular, cerebralvascular, peripheralvascular problems, Lyme Disease [which can lead to cancer],and a number of other physical needs and challanges. This is material Idiscuss with clients who contact me for consultation and touches on the broad spectrum of natural substances that, when combined, work synergistically to promote healing. To learn of these is empowering and can change the negative equation to one that is positive. Don't you want to learn?


This is an independent, health professional website offering free consultation on health issues directed toward integrative nutritional approaches in the complimentary treatment of cancer and cardiovascular problems.

We are not a health food / drug store entity. The website and supportive report are designed to provide take-charge information to be used in conjunction with superior product.

We are competitive in price of product and shipping costs. Shipping charges are presented on our website as mandated by Haelan Products, Inc, and all other websites should be similar in costs.


Soy phytochmeicals are a well researched area to date with work done by a number of universities here and abroad and by the NCI (National Cancer Institute) of the National Institutes for Health here in this country. The research findings are impressive but the clinical trials from China and the anecdotal recitations from around the world are more so. Despite the positive findings it will probably be years before conventional medicine will endorse soy products in a treatment role or even a widespread preventative role. Because conventional approaches to degenerative disease have failed so miserably to be curative it is up to the informed individual to take charge of their health and healing through self education and the application of healing natural substances that are now available; Haelan 951 is one of those premier substances.

Haelan 951 has been shown through anecdotal reporting (but documented) to be effective in the treatment of cancer when conventional protocols have failed, working across a broad spectrum of malignancies by means of immune system stimulation, cancer cell differentiation, direct interference with cancer cell replication, and by angiogenesis inhibition-the in growth of microvasculature stimulated by the malignant tumors secreting growth factors into the surrounding capillary bed to perpetuate nourishment and growth. People with other degenerative diseases have been greatly helped also, to a point of being able to resume normal life after suffering great debilitation.

Below is a discussion of soy and its phytochemical constituents followed by general information on Haelan 951.

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